Our Strategy

Considering the large variation of services and continuous increase of demands to provide proper tools to service providers then the concertation on having accurate results is a must have.

The consumer, however, is stuck in the middle by having many digital services and increased competition of service providers that leaves the consumer in an infinite loop of confusion.

Khawarizmia realizes the problem and therefore has built backend and frontend services that provide extremely valuable results based on the big four to both service providers and consumers.

Khawarizmia provides a self-leaning Artificial Intelligence Engine that collects data and generates actions based on smart executor to provide targeted results based on patterns, behavior, and location. Results could vary from insights, prediction, promotions, campaigns or any other targeted actions.

Khawarizimia also focuses on insights and analysis for service providers. Our dedicated team provides valuable customized reports and dashboards using data engines based on fast or big data sources.