About Us

Khawarizmia is a Jordanian company that understands the continuous market demands and rapid technology progression. Therefore – with a team built up of telecom, banking, security, machine learning, and data mining experts, Khawarizmia is now dedicated to delivering top-notch products that comprehensively cater for the needs of start-ups, SME’s and enterprises.

Khawarizmia offers data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, gap/process analysis, and software productivity in addition to consulting services to enhance internal and external processes, automate processes, provide machine learning, accelerate digital marketing in addition to data insights using comprehensive analytical reports and dashboards.

Khawarizmia has a mission to deliver state-of-art software and consulting services to enrich processes automation and digitization with effective well-established tools that would add positive and comprehensive values to legacy systems and new technologies.